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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 12, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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hospitalized the baby might not have survived if not for police officers who worked quickly to save his life. amy hollyfield is live at the bay view police stakes with more. >> reporter: police are -- are excited today. they say it warms their heart that two of their officers worked hard this morning and had a fantastic outcome, they are calling it a miracle. they are not taking all the credit. they say there's a few other people that played a role in this morning's miracle. the fact that the homeless shelter inside the baptist church was open 2:00 this morning may have saved a baby's life. it started when a staff member her the front door buzzer >> there was a lady at the door covered in blood. she said she wanted to come in. we didn't know -- we didn't know her she didn't have anything with her. he went to let his supervisor know. >> reporter: when he came back she was gone but returned with a newborn in her arms.
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>> she was a little hysterical. she said she wanted to come in at first. then when she came back with the baby, she did not want to come in. >> reporter: witnesses say the woman handed the baby to a man on the street and she took off. police showed up and took the baby to the hospital. one drove the other officer performed cpr and the baby survived. a back-up team of officers found the woman and took her to the hospital. some police officers are calling the two cops heroes. police also give credit to the shelter. >> the officer said that if we hadn't been here they may not be alive now. >> reporter: that baby was responsive when police found him. now in the hospital, so is his mother. police describe them in being in nonlife-threatening condition. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning the man
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accused in the kidnapping of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar just wrapped up another court appearance this is new video of 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres in court. he looks different than when he was arrested in may after investigators found dna connecting him to sierra lamar he's still waiting trial in that case. today garcia-torres was scheduled to enter a plea on attempted kidnapping charges from another case in 2009 but that did not happen. he returns to court in february. new developments from portland. authorities just identified the shooter in that deadly mall attack. the sherr sreufs the shooter is 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts they say he used a stolen rifle from someone he knew. he was trying to kill as many random people as possible before his gun jammed. the clackamas town center was crowded with shoppers yesterday when again fire erupted. >> telling me the suspect was here i've got multiple shell
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casings. >> he looked like he was on a mission. >> so far police don't have a motive. in a surreal moment the mall's santa could be seen running for his life with hundreds of other scared shoppers. condemnation continues to pour in after north korea launched a rocket. the united states and european allies urged security council to pass a solution condemning the launch as a ea violation of international agreements. even china and russia called it regretable. north reko says the rocket is on a peaceful commission carrying a weather missile into orbit. a san jose family may have nightmares for weeks. a truck crashed into their apartment the impact isn't their 2-year-old daughter flying. terry mcsweeney is at scene. >> reporter: happy ending, but
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a bump road to that happy ending the pick-up truck went racing through that fence, through that wall, into the crib where the 2-year-old was sleeping. if you don't believe this story has a happy ending, take a look at this. you can understand why 2-year-old nala robbins is speechless this was her wake-up call 3:30 this morning, a pick-up truck slamming into the wall of her bedroom, hitting her crib knocking her to the floor. >> i jumped and grabbed her and she was in shock and started crying. >> reporter: her dad says he believes in angels. nala's mom cessna la is an angel or at least was -- was acting like one. >> her crib is broken in half and she just flew out with no scratches. >> reporter: the driver of the truck tried to leave but neighbors held him until police could arrive. a few months ago, a nearly identical incident in east palo alto, a child sleeping in a crib, cadillac slams into
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the house, hitting the crib. the mother in that story knows nala's father. a small world and sometimes an amazing one. >> i'm shocked. if something would have happened to my kid i don't know how i would have reacted. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the driver of the pick up has been arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run. let's end on a positive note. nala is going to be around to celebrate her third birthday which is next month. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. happy ending there. it was a wet drive into work for much of the bay area. meteorologist lisa argen is in for mike with the first look at the forecast. hi everyone. we are looking at bright sunshine around parts of the bay, still showers here are the showers mainly offshore from the peninsula some are rotating closer to the palo alto area, massachusetts road 280 now, woodside looking at wet weather, watch out east
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palo alto, the shower could roll into highway 101, also looking at showers around the south bay this is where the brunt of the activity has been we only picked up 2/100 outside of our studios, light showers in the south bay if that wasn't enough, the gusty winds now as the front has moved through. ing going to be a cool, raw afternoon with showers and we'll talk about -- about an unsettled extended outlook, coming up. abc7 is proud to present this year's 21st annual share your holiday food drive we are set up at three locations. right now cheryl jennings and kristen sze are in san francisco with more. >> hi eric, good morning. >> hi eric. we are here at union square having so much fun we've raised $1500 so far people are bringing groceries, money, there are seven ways for to you give. >> one is text, i did it this morning.
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type the number 80077 and the word feed and it is a $10 donation. you can do it too. >> fan out more on we'll -- we'll be back to tell you more. good morning. we are live from walnut creek festive atmosphere. if case you don't where we are broadway plaza look for the giant christmas tree. we've been here live since 4:30 this morning trying to raise awareness about hunger in the bay area. i know you want to give money or food. we've got goodies to give you this stuff from the food bank contra costa and solano county we have games for kids to play and our deejay. if that's not enough, abc7 is
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going to give away a few things, we are going to raffle off several prizes, we have three pairs of tickets to the san francisco ballet. if you donate $25 we'll put new a raffle for four ticket to disneyland. come down here to walnut creek we'll be here all day. let's fill up these buckets. we also have a team at santana row in san jose until 7:00 tonight. if you can't make it you can still take part by calling the number on your screen: or you can text the word feed to 80077 to donate $10. >> you can participate in the share your holiday fund drive-by doing those things we mentioned. well-known hotel slapped with a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination.
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king-sized problem by mother nature.
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>> the majority of the rain has moved through the bay area. there's another weather-related issue. the king tide highest of the year arriving this morning. heather issue -- heather ishimaru is live at that area. >> reporter: i don't know if you can see the dark line on the pavement the high water mark from 9:45 this morning it has receded six feet caltrans is here with cones to reroute traffic safely around the flooded areas this is all due to the king tide. it is expected to make some beaches disappear here it is making the road disappear. this low-lying area does flood routinely with high tides this
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extreme high tide will be the year's biggest. the king tide happens over the course of today, tomorrow and friday when the sun and moon's gravitational pulls are in alignment. that happens once a month. but that king tide is bigger when they coincide with winter storms. that's what is happening here in some areas that means water levels 10 feet above normal in the bay area today the high tide was at 9:45 this morning 7.1 feet. tomorrow is predicted to be 7.2 feet at 10:30. along with the extreme highs comes extreme lows. this afternoon beach combing should be spectacular. this park and ride along 101 some of these people who left their cars this morning by the time they returned this evening it could be that the water has receded caltrans says it only expects to be out here another hour and a half dealing with rerouting traffic these people might have no
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idea their cars were inundated in some cases up to the engine level underneath. i almost want to leave them a note and let them know. again, caltrans expects to only have to deal with this flooding another hour and a half. the king tides will be hitting the bay area today, tomorrow and friday. live in mill valley, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. to the economy now. federal reserve announced this morning it will not raise short term interest rates until the nation's unemployment rate drops below 6.5% that announcement marks the first time in history the fed has established -- the fed will 45 million dollars to keep long term interest rates low. bernanke says the measures won't be enough to keep the economy intact if ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations fail before the deadline. popular hotel is being
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accused of race 'em. raz entertainment, the company that runs the razz room cabaret at hotel nicco has filed a suit it claim the hotel and its general manager wouldn't extend the club's lease because the spa was bringing too many african-americans into the hotel for their shows. a spokeswoman for the hotel says those claims are not true. is the rain over? meteorologist lisa argen is next with our forecast. we didn't see much, what we call a moisture starved front. as you look at this picture, a few stratocumulus clouds, more sun than showers we'll tack about the cool temperatures, -- we'll talk about the cool temperatures, all coming up. employers have spoken bay area companies ranked some of the best places to work. live look from where the
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21st annual food drive is underway santana row in san jose. we check in with the news team around the bay area in three
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today abc7 is proud to present the 21st annual share your holiday food drive.
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we have crews at three locations. let's check in with kristen sze and cheryl jennings at union square in san francisco. oh boy did we get lucky on the weather today it is gorgeous. why are we wearing he's raffle tickets? for a 15 or 25 dollar donation you have a trip -- people are bringing tons of food, so much the food banks had to take some away and we've raised $1500 there are seven ways to give. >> one of the easies is text 80077 the word feed, $10 donation. you can like your local food bank on facebook. come out and get some of these givei was. -- giveaways. good stuff, no doubt there's more at walnut creek where mike is. good morning. welcome to sunny walnut
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creation we've it so easy for you to donate. you can drive up here and these volunteers will take the food from you. you don't have to get out of your car. in case you can't find us we are in the main courtyard broadway plaza look for the giant christmas tree. remember, the reason we are , 350,000 people a month the alameda food bank helps and the food bank at contra costa hope to see you out here. first of all, huge thank you to everyone who has already made a donation helping us put a dent in the cans out here at santana row. don't forget, cash is king if you can spare even one dollar second harvest can turn that into two meals. if you can spare we'll enter knew a raffle, guess
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at is on the prize list there? this beautiful bracelet check out that gorgeous piece of jewelry. that is worth $150. it can be yours for a mere $15. at the same time, you know you are helping your friends, neighbors, people in your community who need your help. come now and you will catch the sunshine like we have. you can take part in the share your holiday food dry by calling the number on your screen: or text the word feed to 80077. you can donate $10 that way. right now breaking news from danville two schools issued shelter-in-place after reportedly smelling a strong natural gas odor on campus. the schools involved are john baldwin elementary and charlotte wood middle school. students are being kept in. pg&e is aware of a leak in the area they have crews on the
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scene working to get it fixed. time to check the forecast. rain is mostly offshore, unless you are in a boat or something you probably won't be affected. everyone is feeling how much chillier it is. live look outside, from our sutro camera, yesterday they tied a record of 64 at the reno-tahoe airport right now it is snowing hard at lake level temperatures in the 30s. you can see offshore we have cells and a little closer in the peninsula around 280 and 101 east palo alto looking at hours. definitely showers out there continue to wind down, ruby avenue, sierra road south of san jose, blossom hill road, also showers. the numbers are cool, 54 oakland, 50 san jose cloud cover there, 54 in watsonville. still a slightly unstable
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atmosphere we'll see cool showers throughout the afternoon with low snow levels, not a6>o lot of moisture left, f you see a snowflake, if you are hiking or running up mount diablo or lake county, lucky, not much to it if you see any. frosty mornings tomorrow and friday. cold air is going to stick around for a while overnight lows upper 20s to near 30 in antioch to lower 40s san francisco and oakland. plenty of 30s east bay valleys. you can see the system push through, behind it cool aero tating through. you see cumulus build-ups over higher elevations, heating of the sun and we could bring out a shower here's the rest of the morning 11:00, forecast models verifying well with showers lingering into the south bay, much of the day quiet, clear skies tonight, we are quiet and clear through thursday, friday morning another system that wants to bring a few showers along the
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coast. that's about it. we have another system that is heading our way, from pacific northwest on the weekend. winter weather advisory until 10:00. a couple of inches still expected below lake levels around 3,000 feet, good news finally get to build up bases. today numbers in the mid 50s for your warmest locations, oakland 57. 55 palo alto stray shower mainly peninsula and the south bay also watsonville has been a little wet this morning you will continue to see maybe a shower or two in the dry-out, cool and showery today, chilly and dry tomorrow. slight chance of showers friday. dry saturday. looks like our next rain saturday night into sunday l%p a day.0is again, monday a chance late in the morning tuesday looks like the morning tuesday looks like an every other daydkx ñ
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and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. that's it for all of us here at abc7 news thank you for joining us. share your holiday food drive isn't over yet. you can donate or tech the word feed to 80077 and donate $10. if you are out stop by one of our locations in san francisco walnut creek and san jose at
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tntana row.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. here we go. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. broadway giveaway week continues, and today's returning contestant has already won tickets to mary poppins for himself and a row in our audience. his next goal: to win the million. from haddon township, new jersey, please welcome david mcgill. welcome ba


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